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  • LexisNexis Knowledge Mosaic Adds Private Placement Memoranda, Enhances User Interface
    Blogmosaic, Chris Hitt, 8/15/2014

    That’s the headline on the press release that hit the wire this morning.  Of course, if you follow blogmosaic (or if you use Knowledge Mosaic), you already knew all about our new PPMs database, No-Action Letters Advance Search, and friendlier navigation.  Today, the rest of the world catches up.  Read the press release here.Filed under: […]

  • This Was The First Year It Ever Went To Zero
    The Green Mien, Peter Lohnes, 8/18/2014

    Yes, it really is that bad. California is shriveling up before our eyes. Staggering under the worst drought in history, the state is confronting the possibility that it might just plain run out of water. Cities and counties around the state are imposing draconian penalties on water wasters  – don’t water that brown lawn, don’t wash […]

  • The SEC and Administrative Proceedings (Part 2)
    Race to the Bottom, J Robert Brown Jr., 8/28/2014

    We are discussing some of the issues raised by Peter Henning in his DealBook column, The S.E.C.'s Use of the 'Rocket Docket' Is Challenged. In any event, the limits on discovery, the fact that ALJ decisions are appealed to the Commission, and the quick pace for a decision have long been attributes of the administrative process. Yet suddenly, it seems, parties have been challenging the SEC's decision to bring an administrative proceeding much...

  • Simpson Thacher discusses SEC Charges against CEO and CFO for Misrepresenting Internal Financial Reporting Controls
    CLS Blue Sky Blog, Yafit Cohn, 8/28/2014

    On July 30, 2014, the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") charged the CEO and former CFO of QSGI, Inc., a computer equipment company, with misrepresenting to the company's outside auditors and investors the condition of the company's internal controls over financial reporting ("ICFR").[1] The SEC alleged that CEO Marc Sherman and former CFO Edward L. Cummings were aware that QSGI was experiencing recurring inventory control problems...

  • SEC: New Disclosure Rules for Asset-Backed Securities
    CorporateCounsel.net Blog, Broc Romanek, 8/29/2014

    A few days ago, the SEC adopted new rules for asset-backed issuers governing the disclosure, reporting, and offering process. This is the 1st part of the new rules relating to Regulation AB II. The adopting release is sorta not out yet (it's out in draft form while pending OMB review). And here are notes from the open meeting from Alston & Bird and MoFo.

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  • 8/27/2014 CMS, EBSA, IRS Final Rule Coverage of Certain Preventive Services Under the Affordable Care Act Effective Date: 8/27/2014
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